Bring your own unlabelled container into the CC Pool - Exclusive Offer for 2017

The CC Pool consists of more than 3.5 million CC Containers, used by more than 23,000 customers across the horticulture industry in Europe.

Benefits of the CC Pool system

The CC Container is the standard plant and flower container of the European horticulture industry. It has been in use for 40 years.

Exchanging containers with CC Containers of other users of the pool gives you an efficient supply chain. The CC Pool is supported by a pan-European depot network for intake and hand out of CC Containers,  storage, exchange of damaged items and the digital transfer of stock between customers and countries.

Bring your own unlabelled container into the CC Pool

CC makes it possible for you to register your unlabelled containers into the CC Pool for a small step-in fee and the regular pool fee, supported by a new streamlined procedure.

Once you have registered and labelled your containers you will immediately benefit from being in the CC Pool:

  • Exchange containers with your customers or suppliers
  • Replace damaged items for functional ones
  • Less transport due digital transfer of stock to your customers and/or various countries through CC’s European depot network
  • Availability of additional stock for short or long term rental
  • Online balance management platform to help you manage your contracts

Start today

Entering your unlabelled containers into the CC Pool has never been easier!!
  • Enter your unlabelled containers into the CC system for a small step in fee and regular pool fee
  • We post red labels straight to you
  • Your unlabelled containers need to meet particular quality standards

Please contact CC for more details on price and procedure guidelines

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